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Liked a guy but couldn't talk to him


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Hey there all,

I just wanted some advice on this. Most recently I had been attending an event and came across a guy who I felt I was really much interested in me. But I could muster up the courage and go up and talk to him. Although I know I wanted too.. and I feel really bad right now. I have been an introvert pretty much all of my life and though I try to change but my old habits show up sometimes and I feel I can't do anything about it.

I wanted to talk to him and by the looks of it I felt that he was interested too, but he didn't come up and approach me and I felt I'll just leave it there.


I don't know why I'm feeling bad right now? I feel it's me who is wrong here? what can I do to sort such a problem? Generally I am very talkative with friends and people I know and am a very confident person as well? But I don't know what happens when I try to chalk up a conversation with a someone I feel interested in...What shall I do to sort this out?


I'm feeling depressed right now? Maybe It's just my fault...?


Please give me some advice on this? I Could really use some help?

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Well,personally, I would respond to this direct way because I like directness but I think most people wouldn't. You will surprise him if your first sentence is this and he might feel awkward. It depends on what kind of person he is. Better wait for a female member to answer for women's approach.

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What I can say from my experience is to be bold.


Dont say about party,because that might be perceived as a bit stalky.

Come up with something else, ask him a simple question and stop to chat a little bit next time you see him. Based on his response you can even say that you'd like to have a coffee with him. Oh and touch him (in a fun way) on his shoulder once or twice,and smile!

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Thanks for all advice...

Just a feedback...

I met him, we talked and well that was it....

I went for a more direct approach, as that is who I am and I didn't know how to start up a conversation in any other way. I didn't mention the party at first but I started out with a 'Hi, what's your name...My name's...'

We talked for a while but then he just excused himself out... Well so that was all of it...

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