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Bf has a fake name FB account and has never added me and says he does not use it


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My bf had told me that he has a facebook account which is fake (has a fake name) but he never uses it, so I did my research and typed his email on the search and his account popped up


1-it has a fake name

2-has a profile picture of him (weird cause he hates pictures)

3-no content to show cause its private

4-he has university friends 1 in common with me, If He has all these crazy people of university

why in the world cant he have his girlfriend?!!

5-Theres no real way I can now if he uses it or not (he says he doesn't) hum!! doubtful! I really don't know!!


what about if he has been lying to me and uses it, hes not going to tell me!,so for all this drama

and save myself a pain in the bum, the BIG question ,Should I dump Him??

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Hm, I have a fake facebook account too but I rarely use it also. If my boyfriend ever asked, I would just show him since I use it to follow k-pop. Nothing like cheating or anything.


Perhaps you could ask him to show it to you. That might come off as being jealous and untrusting though. I suggest if he hasn't done anything to make you mistrust him, you should just leave it. Perhaps it's just a Facebook he made for gaming (you know those "share this and get free coins" things).


Main thing in relationships is communication though. He must have done something so you don't trust him using a private account. People are afraid of the unknown. They think of worst case scenarios. If it really bothers you, just tell him, "it bothers me, can I please see your facebook page?" However, if there's nothing there to suggest he is cheating, you might look like a fool and he will be unhappy that you don't trust him.


Also one thing to note, I don't think there's a way to delete facebook accounts. Because I tried deleting my fake one but it didn't work. You can only "de-activate" it.


If it bothers you so much, you can try creating a fake facebook account too, just to see why your boyfriend is doing that. Good Luck...

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