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How to get out of a date ?


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I agree to go on date with a guy I already know for a few years . We use to talk but stop because of misunderstanding . Over the weekend I ran into him at bar and we been texting since then and we made plans to get together on Saturday. I feel like I just need alone time right now . I feel bad for backing out but I just have to much going on right now to date again. I been thinking of any excuse possible but I know I should just be honest . I don't know what to tell him.

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You should actually ring him for this conversation.


Just say there is something you would like to talk to him about, and then just say it. Just say your not ready to start dating, say you feel like you don't want to lead him on any longer, and that you thought you were ready but you are not.


I think most people understand when there is real genuine conversation going on. Don't put it in a text, just dosn't sound the same and he would think your a flake. Honesty is really the best policy.

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Just say there is something you would like to talk to him about,


I would delete this line - it makes people nervous - it implies you "want to have a talk". Just say "hi, i won't be able to make it Saturday night". Do you want to see this guy ever, or is it just a busy week? You can say "let's meet after the holidays". Or you could countersuggest and invite him to coffee earlier in the day to catch up instead - that way its not a "date" and you get a chance to feel him out a little. Afterall, he is/was a friend. If you never want to see him, just say you are going to have to cancel.

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