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Homemade Birthday Presents for Him?


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It seems to me like homemade birthday presents for your loved one is no longer acceptable nowadays. It's my boyfriend of 8 month's birthday on Monday, and needless to say, I'm completely broke. This man deserves and island and I wish I could buy him even more than that, but simply put, I can't. I don't have the money for even a trinket.


So, what I'm wondering is, are homemade gifts totally against the relationship rule book? I'm seriously stressing out, and don't know what to do. If I gave him something homemade would I look like a horrible girlfriend? He says I don't have to get him anything, but we all know that he'll be disappointed if I don't...



HELP??? What would you do if this was you in this situation??


Oh, and p.s., his birthday is on Monday so I seriously need help here, I'm running out of time, and fast.

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Who told you that? Anything handmade from the heart will be appreciated! Make him dinner, bake a cake, create a gift if you are handy that way. You dont need to blow a pile of money on someone in order to let it be known you like or love them! A gift thoughtfully created means a lot more than a random thing you buy in a store.

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I'd take a homemade gift over anything else all day long. To me, they mean much much more. A homemade gift says your heart, time and sincerity went into it. Anyone can go to the mall and pick out something.


Not to mention that your budget is pretty stretch thin right now. He should say, "don't worry about my birthday."


Anywho- you can make him a coupon book. Something fun with like cute things.


I like wiseman's idea and Pippy's. Don't stress about it. Youll get it done!

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Homemade gifts are still (and I think will always be) in the fab!

Sure, some people may not like it, but a lot of people appreciate it tremendously! The often personalized gift is unique and special, totally couture with it being the only one or very few in the world. Also a lot of homemade gifts looks on par if not better than store bought, seriously.


My mom loves the DIY poncho, sister and her friends wear the homemade bag pridefully, homemade cookies gone in a zip last christmas, friends still put up their wedding gift drawing in their home, natural car air refreshner calmed my friend's allergy, boyfriend choked up at explosion box and 'silver tickets' I made for him. He said it's so much better than $$$ watch.


The trick is to make aure it's useful, special and personalized. Good luck! Girl, he'll love it!


Silver ticket : One full body massage, one no question asked pass, one (insert naughty things), etc.

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Only homemade gift I want is from my niece. I know I'm in the minority here, but unless we're talking something of actual utility, a homemade gift is entirely ego. I built a rotating shoe rack for my girlfriend as a present, but that was strictly by request. I'm not doing something goofy like carving her a bear out of soapstone.


A homemade meal is fine so long as you're talking an actual treat. Drop some dough on some decent beef. I would think that couples would cook for one another often enough that boxed pasta and jarred sauce wouldn't really constitute a gift.


What were you thinking of? If you're truly broke, perhaps giving him a full day off of sorts whereby he gets to lounge and you take care of him and the house would be good. The best gift you could give a guy is anything that makes his life easier.

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What makes you think that something homemade would no longer be acceptable? Do you have reason to think it would be unacceptable to him? Regardless, financial trouble is something almost everyone goes through at some point, and it is CERTAINLY something your SO should be able to understand. Does he know the situation you are in?


I have a similar budgetary issue this year, and my boyfriend tends to ridiculously spoil me (I am not complaining, but sometimes it does make me feel guilty that I can't respond the same way financially. But he understands and we have full transparency about what I am capable of affording this year). I came up with the following to give him as gifts and he was over the moon about them (we exchanged this week):


One plate, one mug (both completely blank) - you can find these at a dollar store or something similar for 1 euro/dollar each. I took a black sharpie and wrote his favorite song lyrics on the mug, and drew a scene on the plate that referred to a time we spent together. Baked them both at 180 celsius for 30 minutes, then cooled them in the freezer. They came out great and passed the dishwasher test, and he adored them and got pretty emotional about the mug. In total, that cost me 2 euro.


Candy: If you receive any chocolate candy bars or can afford to just go buy a generic brand of chocolate bar, chop it up, melt it in a bowl over some boiling water (or a double boiler if you have that), or microwave it, and pour it on parchment paper. Sprinkle ANY sprinkles, dried fruit, candy cane pieces, whatever you think would look pretty on top of it. Place in the refrigerator overnight and in the morning you can break it into pieces - Homemade Christmas Candies! Place that in a pretty holiday baggie or something and that is another gift, and you made it with your own two hands.


My feeling about homemade gifts is that you have taken the time to really create something thoughtful. I think those kinds of gifts are a lot sweeter than glitzy expensive presents, and show your creative side. Don't let anyone make you feel like a horrible girlfriend for trying to do whatever you can to celebrate him with your limited funds.

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I just showed my hubby this thread and his words were: "Guys are so easy to please. Just give them a good steak, some beer and (as pippy longstocking says), a bit of nudge nudge, wink wink. That'll be a happy birthday for him", lol.


lol....every relationship I've ever been in. "I'd like a good stead, a drink and to see you nekkid....not necessarily in that order...."

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It's difficult to say because we don't KNOW him.


Personally I love getting that kind of stuff more than bought things. It means more because you put in effort to make sometjing.


My wife was always used to roses and jewelry and pretty much any other generic gift you can think of. I still occasionally buy her those too though.


If you're broke I'm sure he knows that. He's probably not with you for your money anyways lol.


Make him something. A letter about how much you appreciate him and a dinner and sexy time always wins me over lol

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The one thing I remember the most is an origami violet plant. I love violets, and he always bought them for me. When he got laid off, he made me the origami thing...I still have it! He was not at ALL crafty which was the most endearing aspect of it..Because I pictured him sitting there swearing and googling instructions for 12 hours. And that was probably the reality of it.


I'll tell you that's the first gift I think of when I reflect back on birthday/holiday presents. I loved the heart behind it. That's what matters.

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If you are gifted at making a particular type of thing and he has admired what you have made for others, I definitely would. If you are doing it just because you have no money and don't know how to make something - I would not - have you seen the social media photo "I spend $95 in craft supplies so I could make the thing I could buy for $20 already made?" Honestly, buying him a shirt, some nice gloves, etc, are pretty inexpensive this time of year. You could get something very decent for $30 or less. It depends on the man, but a cake for him and doing something thoughtful has longer mileage. Is he the type that just likes quality time? Homemade birthday cake, and doing an activity and a card might definitely be plenty. What does he like to do? I made something for my ex and he didn't appreciate it one bit. but you know him best. Making or buying a nice frame and printing out a photo of the two of you might be nice and inexpensive (frames are 40% at Joanns and Michaels right now) for his desk.

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