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Hurt my ex badly


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I hurt me ex really badly last summer

In a previous thread you said that HE lied to you and that's why you broke up with him. This was only 4 months ago? Are you still with the other guy?


Your EX is with someone else now. You can't make someone choose you. If he wants to be with you, he will. Seems you are both rebounding and both of you need to be single for a while.

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it is a bit confusing with your last thread , you said you where acting like a couple and he was giving her the cold shoulder ?


But anyway , given that you have told him you want to be back , it looks lkike her may have moved on with this other girl . Nothing you can do to make him choose you ..infact the best chance you have is just getting on with it ...he knows you want him back ..he will soon contact you if he wants that .

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Honestly, if you need to ask that question then you have your answer. The problem in these scenerios is that you eventually end up feeling like a ball being juggled in the air, and not knowing if you'll be caught or dropped. Why even do that to yourself ? You don't let HIM make the decision...YOU choose to not be an option.

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What happened to the guy you were dating? He's got a gf, so he has chosen her. Stop contacting him.


If he wanted to be with you, he'd break up with her and let you know with complete certainty that he wants to reconcile, so there would never be this question.

I broke up with him and rushed right into a relationship to get over him. I love him and I want him back, but he's found a new girl and he doesn't know who to choose.
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