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Should I get over what my ex did during our break up

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my Ex who I dated for a year because I went off to college and she didn't respond well and always thought I was cheating. The stress she was giving me on top of the workload of college and working my way off of academic probation was another factor. I couldn't deal with her attitude so I broke it off abruptly. I explained to her several times the reason for the split and she didn't get it she would call,text,jack my social media accounts,and threaten me everyday.So I was left to block her on everything and react in a harsh way to get her to simmer down and get off my back.

I ignored her for two months but I loved her too much to stay away so I unblocked her on twitter and wasn't happy with the information she told me she slept with someone I knew and was a friend with and played football with. She said she thought it would help with the trauma of the break up, but made it worse. She had sex with this guy multiple times. So it wasn't just a random hook up.

I'm in so much pain cause I took her Virginity and saw my future with her. But she made me wait to have sex with her(7 months) but only took 4 days after talking to this guy who is no longer my friend to have sex with him. She said she waited but I never even tried to engage In sexual activity with anyone else since the break up I don't want to touch another girl and I thought she would feel the same way about guys. I do want her back but I can't talk myself into it p.s(out of spite when I broke up with her and unblocked her she told me my friend had "good game").She realizes now that I didn't break up with her to hoe around and says she regrets it but at some point emotions become irreversiable should I forgive her for sleeping with this guy.

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Why do you want to get back together with her?


You don't need to forgive her, she is your ex. You need to move on.


You didn't break up with her to hoe around? Dude don't break up with people with an expectation for how they will act. When you break up with someone you are letting go of expectations on them. She is free to sleep with whoever she wants and you are free to find a partner who meets your needs, doesn't accuse you of cheating and doesn't freak out and stalk you.

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Sorry to hear this. You did the right thing to end it and focus on your academics. Unfortunately she sounds quite immature and clingy. How old is she? This sounds like high school stuff.


This includes running to the nearest warm body for sex. Although once you dump her she can do whatever she wants.


Hopefully you'll meet some intelligent, educated, mature young women at college, because sorry to tell you, this girl is Not marriage material. thought I was cheating. I explained to her several times the reason for the split and she didn't get it she would call,text,jack my social media accounts,and threaten me everyday.So I was left to block her on everything.She had sex with this guy multiple times. I didn't break up with her to hoe around.

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She lead me to believe that she would hold it down regardless


Once you break up with someone they don't owe you anything. She did nothing wrong by sleeping with that guy. What changed that made you want to get back together with her? It sounds like you broke up with her for good reasons. And her sleeping with your friend seems to support the idea that you don't really want to be with her. So why work on forgiving her? Why not just work on moving on?

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Once you break up with some, it's over and done. You have absolutely no say so in what they choose to do literally the moment you dump them.

Anyway, she sounds so utterly unhinged, that breaking up was a wise choice and just as others above, I'd say that you need to keep on moving on. Do not get back together with this mess.


Finally, when you are on academic probation, I'd say the last thing you need in your life is to worry about a crazy ex and assorted drama and stress that brings about. In your shoes I'd be locking myself in the library and studying away and putting your all into that so you graduate and not get kicked out of college. Time to worry more about your practical future - degree, jobs, career track, etc. Got plenty of time to date and find a nice sane girl once you have other stuff locked down.

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So you broke up with her and expected her to just sit and wait?

Need to get over yourself man.


You made her sound crazy and like she is a very difficult person to be around. You can't get mad at who she slept with?


The guy she slept with, was this an aquaitance or a good friend? Bro code constitutes not sleeping with another bros ho AKA BROS BEFORE HOS. He broke bro rule number 13. Get a new bro.


Seriously though man you can't be mad at her. She sounds crazy anyways and you're in college. Plenty of girls there no?

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What was your goal in breaking up with her? If it was to drill yourself deeper into drama, then you've accomplished that. However, most people view breakups as a permanent answer to an otherwise unresolvable problem. The goal is to move forward with their own lives. So you get to choose whether you'll move yourself forward with a view of the experience as a valuable part of your life with lessons you'll figure out later, or you can keep drilling yourself a deeper hole to climb out of.


You get to pick.

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You broke up with her and she can do whatever she wants, she wasn't going to not sleep with anyone just incase you came running back


I'd be more angry at your so called friend who happily slept with your ex, I had a friend that tried it on with my ex and I never spoke to him again


There's some lines you do not cross

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