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Not sure how to handle this situation

Scarlett Begon

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I have been posting some about the issues that I have had with my husband. I have been working with him on trying to get back to us and finding the fun we used to have. I am insecure lately and have been very up front with him about what is bothering me. I admit that I have been irrational about some of it. We have been much better. Went to his company Christmas party and we were really having fun. I appreciate that he is trying to meet my emotional needs and wants to be the man I need him to be. I was feeling really good about us, we looked good and were totally into each other. Dancing having a great time but there is this girl that he works with that obviously has it bad for him. I have been very aware of this and have made him aware of the situation and asked him to give her more distance. I understand why she is attracted to him very well. He is sexy and very manly. So I get it. I am struggling with how to handle her when I have to be around her. She started working with them back in May and I met her at a party in June. I could tell right away by the way she looks at him and the way she tries to exclude me from conversations. The first thing she said when she saw me was to say how I looked like I must be fun and winked at him. I later heard that the only thing I could be good for is my body. I was shocked and offended. I told him about it and he gave her more distance and seemed fine. I am feeling much better about myself and my marriage. I do feel like I am winning, I know that sounds bad, but it is hard to feel like someone is trying to break up your relationship. The terrible part is her fiance is a co-worker of theirs to. Apparently they slept together the night she met me. They have been dating since and he is trying to buy her. I have had to sit through hearing about all the stuff he buys and does for her. Paid all her student loans, bought her a huge house and now they are engaged. I thought that was the end of my issues with her but I don't think so. I went to congratulate them and she was so flat about it. She said it was nice to be with a nice guy. She showed more emotion when she told me how awesome my husband is. I have to be around this quite a bit she had the nerve to ask if I would help with the wedding and said how she needs bridesmaids since she doesn't have a lot of female friends. All I could think is I am not surprised at all. I don't want to let on the way she makes me feel or how much I hurt. How do I get out of this without letting on my feelings and how do I sit back and watch her use everyone she can.

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