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I am confused help!

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Hello ,


Me and my girlfriend are now together for about 1 year and 3 month , and she is very happy for me but my feelings changed , here is the story:

I was in a millitary camp with some random people both with boys and girls, just for try something different and meet new people. The first 2 days were fine and i had much fun we learned a lot of different stuff that i was interest to. The next day they told us that we were going to sleep out in the woods and everyone was very excited about it. So that day began , about 9 in the night we started building our place to sleep and it happened that i should sleep with a other girl. After sometime speaking with the other guys ,they decited to go to bed so we did to , we tried to sleep but we could not so we started talking about life , 3 hours later we began to feel tired but the tempature was to low that we could sleep. I aksed her if i can do something to help her and she said no thanks but i could just stay and look at a girl shaking , so i took her hands and began warming them, then she asked me if she can come closer so she can warm herself and i ofc said yes.

She put her had in my chest and i got a weird feeling like i forgot everything else and i dont like to say it but i loved it.

When i came back home and met my girlfriend again i could not feel something when i looked at her , i talk to her about what happened but i lied and that it was just for helping the girl.

I have had text contact with the othe girl and she really wants to meet me again and i also do.

What should i say , i feel like a , i dont know what to do , i dont want to make her more sad.

please help

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No matter who you are with, no matter how wonderful she might be, there will always be others to whom you will be attracted. What you do with those feelings determines your character. Should you stay with your current girl or move on every time the grass looks greener? Not knowing everything about your situation, I can't tell you what is best. But I will say that I think it's better to let a relationship live or die on its own merits. For example, if there are real issues between you your current girl, try to fix them. If you can't, then end the relationship. Would you be willing to end it if there wasn't another girl interested in you? If not, I strongly urge you to reconsider. This isn't like upgrading your car or cell phone -- there are real lives and real feelings involved.


Don't just go chasing every girl who appeals to you. In the end, it will leave you empty and there will be a trail of broken hearts (including yours). I've been happily married for more than 20 years, and I've had occasional experiences like yours -- times when I can tell another female (a co-worker, for example) and I are very compatible. My marriage lasts because I never pursue those opportunities, and I choose my wife every single day.

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Your advice gives good seance and i really appreciate it. I am really happy to hear that you and your wife have been together for 20 years , in my ears it sounds crazy.

The problem with me is that i have not big experience i havent tried this before , but it is very hard to control your feelings.

Thank you anyways sir. Wish you a great day

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Oops. Sounds like your survival camping had some unexpected results.


You need to break up, but you don't need to tell your gf any further detail about the warming up episode.


Just tell her it's not working, lost feelings, whatever. Then you can text the chilly camping girl.

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