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Need advice on asking a girl out


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So there's a girl that works at the coffee shop down the street that I have been building rapport with. I went there everyday before she started working there.


First time I went in I asked her if she was new, she said yea she's been there about a week and a half. I told her I thought so cuz I hadn't seen her before and I go there everyday. I told her she'd be seeing me again because of that. She said sounds good and smiled.


Second time I saw her there I asked her if they always had her working mornings there. She said yea and that she was trying to remember my order. When she guessed right we laughed and smiled.


Third time I asked her if she goes to school around here. She said she's in community college. I asked her if she had went to my local high school, she didn't but asked me if I knew her brother because he did. I said the name sounds familiar. She asked me what year I graduated and I told her. I forgot to ask her lol!


Today I went to the coffee shop, dressed up somewhat nice since it's the weekend and I was hoping to impress her I guess lol. The male cashier guy got to me before she did, she was standing next to him. When I ordered she said "oh wow changing it up this time!" I said "yea gotta keep you on your toes and change it up!" She smiled and laughed. As I was walking away after paying I looked at her and smiled and she looked at me and smiled back. I feel like she has to know I'm interested in her and I feel like this interaction was more of an indication that she may be interested in me.


I know this all seems really trivial. Basically I want advice on how to ask her out.


My idea was to go in there, ask her if she's local and then say "id like to take you out and get a bite to eat sometime, here's my number, if you wanna meet up feel free to text me, and if not that's cool too"


Do you guys think she's interested? Is my approach good or no? Any advice would be amazing! Thanks for reading!

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She may be interested but also acting with courtesy. And you are the ideal customer I think your approach is very nice, I smiled reading your post. It was full of positive energy.


At this stage, I imagine I would have a bit more friendly conversation (or I would expect this customer to do so to be more accurate) to reveal and collect a bit more information. This is because she is new there and saying to you may put her in a difficult work situation in her mind. I also think you need to find out if she is available for a date, which is different from her interest in you. First I would clarify my basic info. I would somehow indicate that I'm single and not in a relationship. If you do this nicely, she will probably understand. If she reciprocates with personal information, she probably hears what you say and is trying to tell something to you as well. This way you can also discover if she has young triplets or any free time


If you want to rush with your invitation, maybe you can say something other than "if not, that's cool, too." Maybe something like I hope we can continue our friendly dialogue in the cafe if you are OK with it, I value you as a friend etc. (I'm sure you will word this better, I'm not a native English speaker.)


All the best to you

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I think you should ask her out after exchanging pleasantries, chit-chat - "You want to have dinner sometime?" and then try to set a time/day e.g. "How about next Friday?" Ask for her number just in case in anything changes. And I completely agree with EE - don't hand her your number and leave it in her court. And don't say "and if not, that's cool too". Women like confidence and the last part sounds wishy washy. Good luck - and let us know what happens!

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