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Loosing someone close...


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Received this message from a close friend. "Good morning *Name* sorry I have been closed off lately. I had gotten a new number so I apologize if you text and I didn't text back. I am at a point where I am moving on and I want to leave my past behind and remember our friendship in a good light. I do not wish to hurt you and I am sorry if this does! I wish you only the best in your future endeavors and hope that you continue to remember me in a positive way smile emoticon Take care and all the best!"


I know im not the only one whos expericened somthing like this and its hard to let go of someone who you have memories with. She means the world to me for I went through a 2-3 year period in a new city not having any family or friends and for those with anxiety disorder she became my support and affection.


Been over a year and she still pops into my mind and would like to reach out to send a meaningful gift to show my appreciation and share some positves life changes.

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im a little confused by you receiving a message and then saying 'its been over a year'?


either way, she made a decision to leave the friendship, i think, hard as it is, you need to respect that or it will get messy.


she has taken time over that message to try not to hurt your feelings and this is something she is wanting to do for herself.


you want to contact her for yourself, to meet your needs, so that wouldnt be fair... you need to let her go and make some new friendships to meet your needs x

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OP, I feel your pain. I have been there and done that! In fact, I am going through it now. It sux to the highest level. As a matter of fact, it is worse than a romantic relationship ending. In a romantic relationship, there has to be that spark there. If that goes way for one person, then at least the one who is being broken up with can go on knowing that there was a reason. That’s far more tolerable to swallow than, “I don’t want you as a friend anymore”. The rejection factor is so much more personal, I think. You feel rejected as a PERSON as opposed to a romantic object. Let’s face it, most romance is chemical and people make judgments based on a lot of shallow factors, so it’s easier to dismiss. A long-time friend rejecting you, well it’s like they said, “Hey, I know you inside and out and you know what? You, as a person, are just not good enough or me!” That really hurts. And I can understand someone hemming and hawing over it for a long time.

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