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sensual, mystical girl

your memory lingers in the embroidered fabric of dreams

passionate images, warming words of love

i awoke from death

only to fall back asleep after a brief spell of ecstasy


peculiar how a twist of fate brought us together:

a simple exchange of words and advice,

a short question leading to camaraderie among us


a lost soul reaches out and opens

trusting judgement and emotion like never before

countless evenings exchanging thoughts and hope

impatiently awaiting for replies


i could not have imagined the hold of your incredible powers

i was sure we would never part

the vision of what could be, what should be

growing and reaching towards the sun

a second chance at what i had lost years prior


a decade of struggle, words on paper, dreaming in black

the realization of never again experiencing what i had wanted so badly

caught again in between raindrops,

footsteps merging at the fork in the road


a delicate struggle to hold on forever tainted by truth

once again, forever divided by miscalculation

promises of obligations betrayed by smiling green eyes

endless memories of bliss

wiped away by the foolish movement of hands


i dare to light the candle to forever carry in my heart

the eternal thought of what could have been

our dream together-love, free, proud and pure...


i wish you would have meant it.

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thanks...i wish i could make more beautiful choices.


thanks again for the compliment.


btw, i've always enjoyed your writing.


We can't always make beautiful choices. And many times we make beautiful mistakes. But hang in there, you're not alone .


p.s. I'm glad you enjoy my writing as well. Thanks.

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