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does he want to be friends again


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Last year at school I bugged my friend a lot ,I was always talking to him and always walking to him to class. He was bother by it and he talk to the teacher and the teacher talked to me about it. That I can only talk to him once a week and I broke the contract and the teacher found out about it and made me stay away from my friend for a month! Well the month pass and I still not able to talk to my friend ,we can say hi and whats up that’s it! I tired writing letters to my friend but he never response to them or tires to talk to me. I asked for a meeting but he did not want to meet. Well when I see him in the hall he is friendly most of the time ,I will wave and he waves back and then I say hi and he says hi back and then I say whats up then he will say nothing and sometimes I will high five him and he will high five me back. Well the other day I saw him at the buses and I called his name and he did not go on the bus and he waved back to me and I got a free crate that did and I showed him and he said cool and one of the bus drivers was talking to me and he was standing there but was on the bus. Then I went off excited and happy! But sometimes I feel like when he sees me he goes the other way around but most of the time he goes the same way each day.

Last week I saw him first thing in the morning I did not wave to him ,he waved first and I said hi and he said hi back and I said whats up and he said not much then I said bye and he said bye back

Also at the buses I saw him I wave from a distracne and he finally saw me and I said hi again and he says hi and then I said whats up and he say not much and then he said happy thanksgiving to me.

A few days ago I saw him he nob his head first and I waved and I said hi when he got closer and what up and he said nothing much and I said bye and he says bye and I gave him a high five and he gave one back. But then I saw him with the teachers I felt nervous when the teacher was there I just waved and he waved back but he was kind of walking with me from the other side of the hall ,when I did not say anything he walked up to the teacher. Then at the buses felt better I said hi to him and he said hi back and then I asked whats up and said nothing much

Then today we had a nice conversion in the morning I saw him in the morning and we said hi and I said its Friday and he smiled and then at the busses we talked I saw him and said hi and he said hi back and I said it is cold out and he said ya with a smile I think and I said I should move to flodria and he did not say anything about that and then we high five and said bye

Does he miss talking to me or does not want to be friends anymore?

We are both males

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I would stop concentrating on him and making yourself busy with school activities like clubs and/or sports or drama, etc.. When a person wants to be friends with you, it will be crystal clear and you won't have to guess. You can't make one person your whole world. It is smothering to them.

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You are waaaaaay too focused on this guy. He is responding to you to keep things civil. You have been told to keep you distance and that is what you must do. He wanted that, not the teacher. I would definitely follow Andrina's advice about making yourself busy and NOT making this one person your whole world. It is not healthy to be too fixated on any one person.

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Were you ever actually friends? It doesn't sound like you ever hung out and the most you ever say is hi and bye. That is not a friendship.


On top of that he told a teacher to tell you to stop bothering him because you couldn't get the hint from him. This is not the action of someone who wants to be your friend. I think you're taking a lot of liberty calling him your friend to begin with. He's more of an acquaintance at most. But like I said being freaked out enough to tell a teacher to tell you to stop harassing him? That's not a good sign.


Focus on people that actually want to spend time with you. Maybe you are lacking in social skills? Join a club and start learning the signs of a true friend.

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