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I feel like im being neglected by someone I thought was my person


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So i totally dont do stuff like this... If fact this is my first time posting in a forum like this. But I didnt really know whoelse to talk to. I usually vent in my journal about this stuff but I figured that maybe someone could actually help me and stuff on here lol. Also sorry for the awful grammar but doin this on my phone, and Im doin the best I can.

Anyways, to get to the problem, well see I live in a dorm with 3 other roommates. And I already knew 2 of them to begin with(we all roomed together for a year). Of the two I got close to one of them over the summer, lets call her megs. And lets say the other's name is kale. So at first it was fine... But then i started to feel like megs and kale were getting closer. And like thats fine, but im more of a social butterefly and I am not home as often as the other two. And so they make plans amd they invite me but hear me out. Its different when you all make plans together and its different when you get invited to plans already made. Now i feel like im not part of the main group. What really hurts is that I thought megs was my person... But shes kinda proved me wrong several times now. And its not big things... Just little ones. Like shes more flexible for kale than she is willing to be for me. Like, a while ago, I asked if I could go to the gym with megs, and she said my class was too late amd she couldnt go to the gym that late. Then, last week when kale asked(she has a class at the same time as me) she was all for it....


And like she gives more weight to what kale says, like what we wanna do/where we wanna go/ anything. And like its such small things that i feel pathetic saying any of this... Which is why im here... But its still noticable and yah not gonna lie ... It kinda hurts...

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