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I don't know what to do anymore...


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I have been struggling with my best friend of 14 years.


I have had the worst year of my life-long story short I have been dealing with PTSD from a trauma. I am learning to cope and live a normal life again and up until recently I have felt like this person has been completely supportive.


A couple of months ago this person got very upset with me over the election. She found out the person I'm dating had different view points than her and was very confrontational about it, claiming that the minute she met them she was going to confront him about his view (they had not been introduced at the time of the argument). We went a few weeks without talking-I was so upset with the way she spoke to me. I told her very clearly that the way that she talked to me was making me very sad, and she told me that apparently the way I chose to live my life made her sad( which she described as uninformed of political issues-when in reality I just avoid those conversations with people for THIS EXACT reason). After these few weeks she texted me a long apology, saying that she was worried that the person I was seeing was influencing my political views and controlling me like the previous relationship-which I confronted by saying that because my views do not exactly reflect hers and I can see middle ground of most situations does not mean that I am being controlled by any person. I grew up in a household where I believed very different things than my entire family, but had to find a way to get along.


I thought everything was better for a little while.


But her behavior has been so disappointing lately. She will text me and say that she misses hanging out with me (my schedule is opposite hers), but when I say a time I am available to hang out she completely ignores me. So obviously she doesn't really miss me or else she would at least respond to a text right? Even when I text her and say I am struggling to cope with something I am still going through I will rarely get a text back.


This person has been the biggest part of my life for 14 years. I don't know what to do. I feel completely unwanted in her life. What would you do?

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