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Should I invite this guy to my friend's party even though he's blowing me off?


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I hung out with this guy a couple of times and just felt a really real connection, he's sort of shady and told me recently he didn't really want anything physical bc he's "figuring things out" but that he still wanted to hang out. I texted him about this music thing a few days ago and he never responded. I'm leaving in a few weeks so I'm not really concerned with having a relationship with him, i just find him really interesting and want to hang out more but since he hasn't answered my messages I'm not sure if he feels the same. My friend is having a party tonight and I'm not sure if I should text him to come just for the hell of it because I'll be thinking about it anyway or if that is just a bad move. Any advice?

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Not if he's blowing you off, and is kind of shady anyways. Why would you try to get someone to come to a party if they already are expressing a lack of interest in the same things you want. That makes zero sense.




OP, I'm still trying to figure out why and how you could feel a *real connection* with a guy who you admit is shady and not interested in you, physically or otherwise.


And since he's not responded to any of your previous messages, not sure why would you think he would respond to you now.


I think it's pretty clear he doesn't feel same as you, but that said, if you wanna give it another shot, and won't feel worse if he continues to ignore or turns you down, go for it.


I wouldn't (as I have no interest in pursuing men who are shady and ignore me), but you do you. Ya never know.

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