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Need immediate help with Girlfriend


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Hello Im writting this because I have been hit with biggest bomb In my life. In past month she started writing me less and less, now she wont even say goodbye or good morning like she used to. (I still do and she responds hours later) She says she is busy as hell and on top of it she works as much as she can. Idk if its finals or she deliberately pushing me out her life. She says she likes to keep busy with work, but until l she was keeping busy with me ( sex, love emojies... ect.) Few weeks ago, I confronted her and its all the same reasons as above. I thought we broke up that day but next morning she asked me to take her back. Since then its been the same ingrowing me and saying she is busy until I get this message. (I will post picture below) I need help. I want to stay with her but it dont look like cares.


Please help and sorry for bad English.




Lost and forgotten

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