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NC does work!


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In the last 2 months, I had a break up and so did one of my female friend. In my situation my ex left me for another person and in my friend's case her ex just left. We both were broken up really bad and didnt know what to do. Being support for one another we decided to do NC and just improve ourselves. Me and my ex work in the same place, the guy she was talking to and serious about and planning their future made me feel there was no hope anymore as she was happy. I started working out at the gym lost 12lbs in 2 months and then 15 days ago transformed myself, new clothes, new grooming style and honestly looked more attractive. I started falling in love with me. So after a brief vacation and 2 months NC, when the new transformed me walking into the office, my ex saw me and was awe struck. She tried talking to me but I just say hi and walked away. She called and texted me but I ignored them. For 10 days she tried everything she could to get my attention, but I strictly followed NC. Then last night she wanted to meet up at a coffee place to talk about something, this time I decided to give her a chance to talk. She literally begged me to take her back. For all the 2 months I wanted her back badly, NC made it happen. But! when she wanted to come back, I dnt really know now if I want her. NC healed me well and maybe I moved on .. I told her I will think over it, but I am not as excited as I thought I would be. So NC worked in my case, and it did both ways .. healed me and brought my ex back


In my friends case, she and her guy were really close and then had an argument and broke off. Initially she txted him alot and it went against her, he was mean to her. I told her to do NC as it was helping me and she did. I had to constantly remind her as she was slipping into thinking of txting him. 1 month of NC, she gets a txt from him and he wanted to talk. I told her to tell him, she doesnt want to. But he kept txting back and after multiple attempts I told her to talk and see what he has to say. Today they are engaged to be married.


NC works, but you also have to improve yourself and work on yourself. Without these things, it may not work.

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