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I was dating a guy for 5 months. We fell in love quickly and I thought everything was going great. We never fought, he always told me he loved me and missed me when I wasn't around. I had to go out of town for my sister's wedding, I was gone for 4 days and when he dropped me at the airport he said he missed me already. Everything seemed normal while I was gone. We were talking often and had a few video phone calls. He picked me up from the airport on Sunday. We hung out all day just like normal and then I was working Monday and Tuesday so we didn't see eachother. That Wednesday I had to go to the doctor and then we had a day date planned. I was frustrated from my doctor's appointment and the fact that he left his wallet when we were on the date so I had to pay for everything. He was quiet because of my frustration, but I apologized to him for my attitude and we seemed okay the rest of the day and that night. On Thursday he didn't talk to me until I texted him that night and somehow the conversation led to kids and how he wants them some day and I'm not sure that I do. He seemed off so I called to ask if he was okay and he said he was fine so I said goodnight. That Friday he didn't talk to me at all until he texted to confirm that I was going over that night. When I got there he was a little quiet at first, but then he seemed to snap out of it and we had a completely normal weekend. That next week he told me that he had been having a "weird feeling" that he felt empty and hopeless. He asked if I thought he was depressed and I said maybe and that maybe he should go see someone, but he said he didn't want to. A couple days later he said that he didn't like that his depression was hurting me too and that he feels like it's something he should do on his own. He said he still loves me and doesn't want anyone else, but he can't be with me. I begged him not to do it, but he was set. A week or two later I asked him to block my number because I was having a rough time not talking to him. But he didn't block it, he ignores the texts I send, but the phone still rings if I call it. I don't understand what's going on and it's really hard to not drive to his apartment and see him and try to fix this.

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If he is depressed.. you can't fix him.. or fix this.


he is withdrawing and some in this case do that. They need time alone.. and feel really 'low'. I've done it at times. Just have nothing to say and dont feel like talking.. to anyone.


I suggest you do some research on depression to try n understand this.. mental issue.


If he doesnt want to talk.. or deal with you then please respect that.. and dont harass him. if he feels like talking, he'll let you know.


Thing is.. is this how you want a relationship?

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He does sound like he's either fighting something within himself... (did anything odd happen in his life recently ?)


Or...he just wasn't interested in you and didn't know how to tell you so mad an excuse. Iv actually dated someone who said they were depressed and wanted to be alone..mturned out they were lieing.


What kind of things were you texting him?


Perhaps you should go no contact for 30 days and see if he comes to you.

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Nothing odd happened in his life that I know of. I am scared that something happened to make him not love me anymore and he used it as an excuse. I just sent a text asking him to meet up with me and give me my ticket that we had bought for this New Years Eve concert. He agreed to let me know when the tickets come in and meet up with me to give me mine. It'll be about two weeks until the tickets come in. He deactivated his Facebook account, I blocked him on snapchat and neither of us follow eachother on Instagram anymore so I have no idea how he has been or what he is up to. After I asked him to block my number I sent a long text apologizing if I ever made him feel guilty for being depressed and that I'm sorry I wasn't there for him more. That was about 3 days ago. And I've only called to see if my number is blocked, once it rings twice I hang up.

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His friend (who is a girl I met when she came to visit him in our state) has been snap chatting me a lot since the break up. She and I got along well when she came to visit, but we have never been in this much contact before. I'm sure she knows that me and him aren't together anymore because I never snapchat her any pictures of him or from his apartment, but I don't know for sure. I'm kinda wondering if he's been asking her about me

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