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Pursue her or forget her?


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I met this girl two years ago. We became very close friends. Recently she left the country for further studies. I don't even know if she's ever coming back.

I asked her out just before she left. She asked for some time to consider. Now Four months later she has said she considered it very seriously, but can't imagine being in a relationship for now.

She has had a bad relationship and has a mental block about relationships.

When she said this I merely said that I was okay, not meaning to push her too much.

But now I feel like I should have tried a little harder.

I really like this girl. But I don't know if it would be wise to pursue her and try to win her. Should I just let her go? Or should I try a little more?

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She left the country... and has admitted..Can't be in a relationship. She is damaged.

Dont 'try harder'... how would you? To pursue her and try to win her? Really??


You cannot 'win' when someone is NOT available for a relationship. They are not right and you've been told this.


Accept and leave her be.

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