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Hey guys so I told you guys a couple of weeks ago my ex reached out and I didn't respond. Now he calls my family even more , he doesn't mention me to my cousins but he does mention me to my mom. At first he wanted to know my relationship status and how I was doing. This week he told my mom he was giving me space and that me and him are friends but I had to much going on during our time together. Then question her why he wasn't invited to thanksgiving. This Friday he's coming over her house to visit her then going to see my cousins. Hes also coming to my little cousin birthday party the following weekend he lives a hour and a half away. He's staying at a hotel by my mom house he usually stays in the city. Is he messing with me or just over me? My mom said she thinks he still wants to be with me because he reaches out way to much and still want to know my where abouts a man that was done would move on with his life . I'm just confused it's been 6 weeks already. I want to work it out but now I'm more confused 😐 Of what is going on

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He is probably thinking that you two are on a break or he is not accepting that its fully over. Does he know its over? I dont know if calling him asking him to stop talking to the family is the way to go. He could easily just say, Im friends with them or they call me or whatever he wants to say. He obviously has no respect for your space and family. I would ask my family to stop and be honest and tell them why. Then its out of your control. If they continue to talk to him, then both have fault.

Once you get a new boyfriend, he will stop calling.

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He's the one that ended our relationship and blocked me because of something I did. I want to get back but I don't believe in calling and texting someone's phone I like to give people their space. I'm just trying to understand what is the point I don't call his family at all and he contacts my family they never call him. This is new to me .

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I cant tell you the exact reason why he calls your family. I can only guess because there could be hundreds of reasons. Ego, power over you, wants to get updates on your life, wants you to contact him, wants you to get mad with him, wants you to cry over hin, wants you to miss him, and the list can go on and on and Im sure others responding can give their reasons why.


So the reason why is not important because you will never find the answer. Heck, he might not know the exact reason why. So asking him why is pointless.


What is it you want?

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A man knows if he wants a woman or not. If he has to 'think' about it, its probably because he has to talk himself or convince himself to wanting to be with you. So if a guy has to 'think' about it, you leave because he is not going to give you 100%. Instead, go find a guy that needs no convincing, or has to think about it. A man that wants to be with you will do anything it takes to make it happen.

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Why is he stalking you and why is your family going along with it? Is he still close to your family? Why?


How do you or they feel about this ongoing contact/closeness?

he calls my family even more. he wanted to know my relationship status and how I was doing. Friday he's coming over her house to visit her. My mom said she thinks he still wants to be with me because he reaches out way to much
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Please quit trying to think why. It will drive you crazy.

Call him and talk to him. If your number is blocked then you have your answer when it comes to a relationship with you.

As far as dynamic of the X and your family's relationship, it will die down and eventually go away. As soon as you get another boyfriend, your family will gravitate to the new guy and as soon as the X gets a new GF, your family will fade away because he wont have time to keep up.

It will work itself out. Just live your life and dont care about what your X is doing.

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He doesn't get the benefit of your family's company, friendship and inside information about you after he ends a relationship with you.

I agree. Talk to him. See what's up and if he still doesn't want to reconcile, set some respectable boundaries.


It's not about being spiteful, it's just about circumventing the awkwardness.

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Call him and ask him to stop contacting your family. Ask your family to respect you and stop bringing him around.


It pissed me off when i did a good job of dodging my ex for years, but then one day he just so happens to ne in the neighborhood. So he stops to speak to my mom and she asks him to help her bring in the groceries! She knows i dont want to be around him, but she doesnt exactly know why. But like come on mom! Its been years. She brought him all through the house all the way to my room. I wrapped myself in the covers and told him to go away. He then says "Let me get your new number!" I refused to, so my mom gives it to him! TF? I was pissed. If she knew why we broke up, she'd be on my side

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