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Mom I don't understand this

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So y'all know that mom has been fightin the cancer for a while now. She's had very little to no mobility the past few months, and hasn't ate enough to amount to anything in several years. It's like in the past week and a half she's gone from not eating or moving to eating a ton of food (for her) and has gone from takin 3 steps while someone holds her up to saying she's able to get up out of her chair, walk around the house using her walker, give herself a bath all that in a week and a half. How is this possible??? To go from deaths doorstep to this in a week and a half. Don't get me wrong if it's true I'm tickled yeah, just not sure how this could happen in so short a time frame.

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Maybe its the will to live.


I hate to be a downer, but some people have a strong burst of looking like they are getting better before they pass - my ex father in law was suddenly very lucid for a few days before he died - he told people important things that he needed to tell them (where legal stuff was kept), he had a phone call that was very lucid with an old war buddy), etc.


It could be either thing.

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there can be ups and downs in the process, even if she's terminal. my mother was, i can't tell you how many times i sat next to her thinking she won't wake in the morning, only to be awakened by a loud enthusiastic voice.


is she on the roids or lidocaine for pain? the roids will do that. other times, there's natual fluctuations.


sometimes it was eerie how that skeleton could be physically very apt suddenly, other times she cried because she couldn't even lift her head.


you'll see all sorts of things you didn't expect.

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