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We're done. I miss her.

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Only been 6 days nc but it feels like a part of me is missing. She told me she was done for good she said this before but part of me doesn't want it to be. But I know it needs to be. I lost a bestfriend and I had to lose her in order to make her happy in the long run.




This is my story. I miss her dearly. I blocked her number and email. Thank you all who gave me advice. I never thought doing the right thing would feel so terrible...

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Yes.. sometimes it is.. despite the hurt we endure


Life sucks sometimes.. and all takes time.. to work on accepting and healing.


I have had my feelings involved with a few throughout my life and it is NOT easy to have to walk away. ( them being toxic.. cheaters, etc). But just knew I had to.. for my own sanity.


One day at a time.

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