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My ex boyfriend and I dated for three years. I broke up with him because he had lied to me about a pretty big issue. We were in love with each other, so I started dating someone right away to try to get over him he went crazy while I was dating this guy wouldn't stop trying to contact me was always crying and so on. This happened four months ago. Since then I have gone to my out of state school (it's only an hour away) he has driven to pick me up on several occasions so we can spend the weekend together. He started the "talking phase" with another girl, then I became him four months ago I went crazy couldn't stop crying, but then we started acting like a couple again and he cut her off. When I ask if he wants to get back together he says he doesn't want to do long distance (but I will be back home for good after this school year) and that he doesn't want to put himself in a position to get hurt like that again. Why are we even acting like a couple then? Should I just move on or do I keep acting like we're in a relationship and hope that he wants a relationship when I move home for the summer? I'm just so confused.

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It doesn't make any sense to break up with someone, and still remain in contact. At this point he's a free agent, therefore how would you take to him dating others?


You're selling yourself short while putting him up on a pedestal. Either way, you can't lure him back by pretending to be friends, sleeping with him, etc. If there's any chance of reconciling it has to be him making an honest effort. This will never happen as long as you're standing directly in front of him, and even then there are no guarantees.


Respecting yourself can work wonders.

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Why would he get back with you when he can have his cake and eat it?

he can date, talk to and sleep with others whilst having you on the sidelines for when he is not getting any.

He could also be dragging this out due to the fact that he wants to hurt you like you hurt him by breaking up with him and jumping straight into another relationship. Either way this is not healthy for either of you. It seems to be more of a FWB arrangement than an attempt at getting back together.

sorry to seem so blunt.

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He lies, he manipulates, he plays around, he makes you cry, he doesn't want to have a relationship. And now you want to be demoted to fwb and hookups?


You should just cut him off and start dating local guys at college. Please speak to a school counselor about this.

he had lied to me

he went crazy while I was dating this guy

He started the "talking phase" with another girl

I ask if he wants to get back together he says he doesn't want to do long distance

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