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Me ex keeps blocking me and unblocking me from whatsapp, what the hell?


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Hi, I dumped my ex 6 months ago , we lasted 10 months together. I dumped her because she was acting very y at the end of the relationship, she was a drama queen. I studied business but my passion in life has always been music and she didn't want me to commit my life to music, that is what I plan long term and this issue gave us many problems.. She was needy and clingy all the time in the relationship, this was one of the reasons that I dumped her. When I dumped her 6 months ago I didn´t felt any pain. I started dating other women and I was fine but now I started to miss her a lot and I saw she is dating a new dude. When we broke up she begged me to for reconciliation a month later but I didn´t want that. I told her that we needed time apart to fix the issues that lead to the breakup and that we could start dating again taking things slow, she didn't like the idea because she wanted reconciliation immediately. Well, the thing is that last week I reached out to her for the first time in 5 months, she was the one that always contacted me. When I contacted her last Friday through whatsapp she acted extremely cold with one word answers, so when I saw this I stopped answering, a few hours later she blocked me on whatsapp. Two days later she unblocked me and started talking to me asking how I was, asking about my family, my friends, my life. We chatted for a few hours and she seemed to be in a good attitude. Later that night she blocks me again on whatsapp. Then tree days later she unblocks me again for a few hours and then blocks me again, she didn't initiated any contact this time. She has a picture with the new dude in whatsapp. Why is she acting this way?. Any opinions? I was thinking in reaching out to her through Facebook but it is a very stupid idea, I better leave it this way till she reaches out. thanks!!

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Exactly, if she has a pic with the dude on whatsapp he is obviously her boy riend. But what creeps me out why did she blocked me when I contacted her, then he unblocks me and initiates contact with me asking about my life and everything, she had a good attitude. Then she blocks me again in the night and then 3 days later the same thing happens. She unblocks me and then blocks me again, but she didn't initiated any contact.

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I mean dude, you dumped her.

I don't think she is wrong in blocking you. Maybe she blocked you and unblocked you a couple of times, but it was most likely to gauge how you would act towards her of if she had any interest in you anymore.

Since you are well aware that she has a boyfriend, leave her alone. Let her be with someone who wants to be in a relationship with her. You had your chance and it isn't fair to the other guy to have an ex boyfriend prying into his girlfriends life.

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