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Ex GF co-worker recent behaviour


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To cut a long story short my ex girlfriend of 9months (until June) works with me and since June we haven't been on best terms mainly due to her having her guard up massively.


Past 2-3 weeks we have been talking at least on semi level at work and she's been opening up about personal life saying she's doctors appt, what it's about, how much weight she's lost on slimming world - personal stuff


Now on Friday we had works event in visiting Victorian fayre. She left her acceptance to attend till last minute but I can tell from the people who attended she came as I was there. She also left work early to "get ready"


On arrival it was usual coldish shoulder but as evening went on four of us went to pub and convo was flowing naturally. But at times she would be sharp with a lot of things I would say.


Our one mutual co worker friend who was there (a girl) said you can tell in the way she looks at you she cares. Also later in evening I left early as felt awkward due to her sharpeness but the other women said she kept asking her what I was texting and where I was etc


Today I came into work and she was mirroring my behaviour, I kept myself to myself ear phones in to concentrate she did the same hour later


In the afternoon I plucked courage to go over and ask if had good time Friday (yes) what did you do weekend general small chit chat and ended good terms


Then just as I'm leaving at 4, she says loud in front of everyone "should you be going now seems you were late this am?" Then quizzed me again....


It's clearly done to try and get a reaction but why? She also did the same the other week on different subject


Her guard is still up but can tell she slowly letting it down. But she has had lot mental issues to deal with over the months


But I can also tell when I speak to her the spark is there and isn't just me imagining it (others commented to)


Just what is the deal with her behaviour?

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pardon me, i understand some feelings are still there that can't simply be turned off...but wouldn't it be easier to communicate about unavoidable work-related things solely?


the "spark" isn't helpful if her mental health or other causes prevent her from relating to you better.


if you were hoping to get back together, what indication is there of problems that led to the break-up are overcome on both ends? it doesn't sound like she's in a healthy place.

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She had unfortuently been told at my work in June that she wasn't being kept on in her role at the time (dream job) I didn't know this at the time as I was on sick leave


The next day in office she went home sick... this was very strange because as temp worker she's only paid when she's there so I knew something was up


I asked her to which she said leave me alone. I pushed too hard in being selfish and she cracked n told me. I should just said I'm here when you need kind thing


On the back of this we had row to which I said something innaprotiate and she blocked me on all social fronts ie phone, Facebook, Snapchat etc


We've had downs since as I've tried knocking down her wall which was wrong


But since given her space she has been contacting me at work on personal point of view and engaging more

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