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Confused, please help


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Hi everyone,

I have a big crush on a co-worker. The feeling was mutual. I could tell by the way he stared/ talked to me. He also treated me really special when we out as a group. Unfortunately the company has been down so people are being let go, and I was one of them. I know I shouldnt be thinking about him and should be looking for work at this time but I can't help it. I texted him to see if I could give him a quick call, he replied immediately and said he was free for a bit and off to a meeting, but if not enough I could call him at other time if I'd like. I replied and said I would call the next day. I called him the next day but didn't leave him a message. I was hoping he would realize it was my number and would call me back. I waited for another 5 days and called him again and left him a brief message that I hope he would call me back. Today is day 10 and no signs of him. There are guys after me but I have interest in them and have been crying by myself when I thought about him. I keep on wondering why he showed interested on the text but then ignored my calls? Did I do something that scared him? Please advice.

I forgot to add that we are both shy people. Dating is not allowed at our company so we tried to hide our feelings from others.

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I know you don't want to hear this, but unless he *told* you that he liked you back in "that way" and asked you out, you have no way of knowing the feeling was mutual. In fact, him ignoring your message points to the opposite. Could it be that he is just a friendly guy and you mistook that for romantic feelings?


In any case, there is little you can do at this point. You did your best, gave him your number, even messaged him twice...no matter how shy he may be, a man who is interested would have reacted differently to your advances. I'm afraid he was just being friendly and polite, with no ulterior motives. Crying over something that was never there is not too healthy either, so I'd suggest you switch your focus on your job search, friends and hobbies, and if at some point he messages you, look at it as a yay moment - but don't count on it.

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