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Issues in paradise


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So, things have been improving in my relationship with my partner however we've had a flaw, 2 days ago i was ill and was meant to be seeing my girlfriend over this weekend. However she called me to say she was gonna see her friend instead after making plans with me. I explained to her later on that i wanted to see her cos i wanted some company being ill. She said are you joking and i said no. I then said to her who did she wanna see me or her friend she then accused me of starting an argument and trying to control who she sees. I then went round there a few hours later to get some of my stuff to which she hardly acknowledged me and then we had a discussion because she was ignoring me and i said are you not gonna say anything at all to me and she ignored me so i walked off and said whatever and you talk about loving me she then called me a after i had discussed with her being called a and a by her before and asked her not to do it again. I left the house got 2 texts saying i cant do this anymore i think we should call it a day for good now. I didn't respond and then i got a whatsapp message with a pic of me and her !!! ????? Even so i later replied saying why send me this pic after those msgs. she ignored my messages, I told her despite it all i still love her but we argue over dumb things. I didnt get a reply she didnt even open my message but had been online on whatsapp. Yesterday i messaged her again asking the same question, she replied saying i dont know. I asked how she was she said she was okay and i said good good and that i miss her despite everything. She didnt reply. Later on that night I had fainted out and someone had called her because she was on my emergency list but it was really late so I messaged her explaining who had called from my phone and explained what had happened... she didnt open my messages but again was active in the morning then i tried to explain how i feel and that i feel a bit in regards to how she treats me she still didnt open my messages, i tried to call her about 20 times today she hasnt answered or responded to my calls. And still hasnt now. I sent her voicemails explaining that loads of people would kill for someone like me and that i know my worth, i still didnt get a response i messaged her explaining that I loved her still and wanted her to show me it and not just write love notes during the good times but to be able to show the feelings are the same during the bad times instead of trying to break up with me all the time. She still hasnt responded. I have been told today by a source that i guy inquired about her status and she said she was still with me and that was this morning. And normally if she wanted me out of her life she would block me from all existence so i couldnt contact her but she hasnt done so.


I dont know what I should do as i feel she gets a disgusting pleasure from having me call her non stop. I dont know if we are together or not and she does this alot keeping closure or not from me. And instead I have told her shes got what she wanted im out of her life as she wished and still no response.


I need to know what i have to do and how i can regain my self respect and respect in general from her where she will loose power over me that she may feel she currently has.

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I sent her voicemails explaining that loads of people would kill for someone like me and that i know my worth,

- Okay.. stop.


Stop the NUMEROUS messages, etc. All you need to do is leave one. She'll get it.

Her choice whether to answer.. or not.


Maybe she is wanting some space.. but to harass her like this will only push her away even more.


Back off.. give her some space! She'll talk to you probably after YOU calm down.


And where is this 'power' coming from???

A Relationship isn't about POWER over someone. It's about respect, working together, communication.. building.. etc.


And if you don't settle down.. you will lose her.

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When I'm home and ill, the last thing I would want to do is ask my partner to come over and get infected, too. And then to argue about her resistance to that? It just makes no sense.


I can't speak for your GF, but I wouldn't want to stay with someone who tries to make me feel guilty, either.

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