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Question about no contact


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Hi everyone, i broke up with my ex for almost 6 months, we have been in limited contact but I am thinking to d no contact because I think I shouldn't be doing this anymore.


I still want to get back with her, and I know no contact is not going to be used to get back my ex. I want to heal but I want to get her back as well.


Would it be too late to do no contact?

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Friend. I truly feel what you are going through. The sad truth is that your practice of "limited contact" is making you miserable and it is preventing you from healing and moving on. You need to tell her that you do not want to ever be in contact with her ever again. Throw away every gift she gave you, all emails, unfriend on all social media, and ALL pictures. Lastly, erase all her contact info. In other words it needs to be like she never existed. Anything in your house that reminds you of her, needs to be thrown away.


It is never too late for no contact, but start today. Do not talk to her. Send her a very firm email/txt that you are to never be in contact again. My friend, you need to be a man and do what is best for you.

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LOL, how could it ever be too late to do no contact? It's not like you missed the window and now its too late for you to try to heal yourself emotional.


So i'm guessing the post is really that you want some emotional support and encouragement to start NC. Limited contact just prolongs your suffering. NC probably wont get her back, and you already know that it isn't the point of doing NC. But it WILL be the fastest way to heal and get yourself healthy for new and better people. It takes a little while, but it works. Go for it.

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