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Is he not interested anymore?


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I've been talking to this guy for about a month. A week ago his school came to mine for a football match, apparently he was staring at me, like a shy smile (as my friends clearly saw and got mad at me for not talking to him) and we made eye contact, which resulted in me getting insanely red and shy. I don't know what it is about him that makes me so attracted to him..

Before he texted me few days in a row and of course I also texted him. He flirted with me and always kept the convo going. Then last week after the match I texted him congratulating him and his team on winning (I thought it was a good opportunity to text him and see how he'll act) He said "Heyy, it was so cool seeing you Although the we didn't talk" then he kept the convrrsation going and every time I didn't answer because I didn't know what to say he always said something new and he said "haha.. Or ahaha" a lot even though somethings weren't funny, it probably means nothing anyway. He also said "you were also looking good " and flirted with me. We talked for a while then I went to sleep. It's been a week and I know its ridiculous to be bothered by him not texting me, but I'm curious and confused if I should still be thinking about him. There's a huge football tournament this week that my friends are going to and I don't know if I should go now, although he knows I'm coming. Do you think he's interested? And if I should bother going? I'm extremely comfused, sorry if it all sounds lame, just need advice from others point of view

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It sounds like you are both shy and crushing on each other. Go to the football tournament and this time, talk to him in person, so he at least knows you're interested.

He said "Heyy, it was so cool seeing you. Although the we didn't talk" It's been a week and I know its ridiculous to be bothered by him not texting me.
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Wow. Some really ****ty advice going on above me. IMO, things go really downhill with you go from texting to actually meeting up and hanging out. If we weren't meant to fulfill our personal needs through texting, then why did we evolve to have opposable thumbs??


Plus, life is a lot easier when you sit around anxiously for weeks at a time. Putting your neck out there means either getting accepted or rejected, and then you can't be anxious about whether or not someone likes you anymore. Who wants that??

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