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Missed call from his mother

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NC has been going well. I haven't been tempted to break it at all.


I've been in NC 4 days and NIC for 12 days. I told my ex 12 days ago that I still have feelings for him, need time to heal, that I can't have a friendship with him and hoped he understood. This hasn't stopped him texting me though. He clearly feels very guilty - saying he really really misses me, that he's so so sorry, that the thought of upsetting me makes him want to cry, etc.


I responded with a short, unemotional text showing him I held no grudges and wished him happiness.


However, this morning I woke up to a missed call from his mother. My ex still lives with his mother. She contacted me a lot when we first broke up to check if I was okay, but it's been 2 months now and she hasn't contacted me in weeks until today. I know answering her would be breaking NC too, so I'm going to just ignore the calls.


Is this for the best? What did you guys do when you found yourself in a similar situation? I wonder why she's calling after so long?

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Yes, definitely. He is just going to have to self soothe and get over himself. Him pulling his mother into this mess is really inappropriate and childish.


Block them both and give yourself some peace. Drama king, aka your ex, will just have to grow up and deal with the fact that when you break up with someone, you actually lose the privilege of their friendship and companionship as well. There ARE consequences to break ups.


.....and seriously.....he had his mother calling you to check up on you if you are OK? Like wow.......does he really think that you are going to go jump off the cliff now or something? He is starting to sound nuts in addition to arrogant..... or maybe just a total narcissist. The more this goes on, the more I'm starting to think that you might have dodged a bullet here.

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I have a good relationship with both his parents and I would still answer their calls. After I went NC, his mom called and the minute she mentioned him I told her I didn't want to talk about him and to please respect that. If you don't want to call her back, send her a text and if she tries to talk about him shut it down. But if you think this is going to set you back, then leave it alone.

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