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Very bad new management big firm


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Hi feeling very angry and upset going to find it hard to keep my mouth shut when back at work.


I work for a big multimillion pound company, about two years ago we had new upper management come into the company out with the old sort of thing, but these new manager almost seem out to sabotage the company than Improve things, I know there salarys vary fron 60k to 100k a year so you would think they should know what here doing.


First thing they did when they joined was make the majority of engineers redundant this seemed crazy and when the question was asked all they said was ( where we come from we didn't need all these engneers)


where they come from was nowhere near as complex as where they are now plus the last two company's they worked for closed down NOT GOOD.


Anyway after laying the engineers off the factory came to a stand still at first they said they,d expected this but things would improve!!! No they haven,t And they still fail to admit they'd made a mistake.


Within the last couple of months they have started playing the blame game, pointing fingers at lower managers, I've never seen so many lower managers go off with stress and all The ones we have left seem very nervous because of the upper management.


Here's what's grinding at me, we had a new low manager come in about 6months ago to work in continuous improvement to try and get things working better, we all knew she was flocking a dead horse as we do not have the resources to turn things around after getting rid of the engineers.


I saw this girl (new lower boss last week), she seemed very nervous like the big bosses have been bullying her about not seeing any improvement it crossed my mind that she was not ok, i tried to ask but she was very private and just being professional just wanted to talk work.


I had a call from work Friday to find out that she had committed suicide. I just can't help think it was more work related and this new management needs to go or get thrown in jail. She was only 28 I got the impression she did not have very much family or friends over here as she was Eastern European.

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