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Ex has appeared on my facebook messenger favourites


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When we were together he was around halfway through my messenger favourites, disappeared when I removed him from facebook.


On Saturday, 2 weeks after I removed him from facebook he randomly appears on the top of my messenger favourites.


Tried blocking him, updating the app etc but he's still there. It's driving me crazy


Seeing him isn't actually bothering me, it's the fear that it's going to make me end up breaking NC. Especially if I'm drinking or whatever. Not that I'm drinking loads but if I'm on a night out, him being there just makes it so easy....


I don't get why he's there when he's not even on my friends list.


Such a daft thing but it's bugging me so much!

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Facebook messenger looks through your phones contact list and pulls those numbers and then anyone who had their phone number in your contact list AND on FB shows up in your FB messenger list, even if you aren't friends.


Go through your contacts make sure his number is completely erased. Even if you have it in there under a pseudonym or something, get rid of it.

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