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Hi all,


this is my first ever post and also the day on which i signed up for this site.


so bit of a back story, met this girl at work, im white, shes black. we had a connection and well since july of this year we have been seeing each other. last week we had the conversation and now were offical boyfriend/girlfriend. we have never met each others families or friends, just been us two. always together.


we get on swimmingly and i do love her, opposites sites of the spectrum, but its never a dull moment and well, we really do work. ive not got any friends outside my race, so i am only aware of my culture, if i have a culture, dont think i do tbh.


anyway, its geting serious and stuff and well, this weekend shes, teling her mom, that shes got a boyfriend, a his also white. she told me that her mom, assumes she going to go out with someone in her own race, to make sure culture doesnt get lost and stuff. to add on her mom also expects her to be dating a proffesional in some field, wealthy and well not in my current situation. not doing bad only 23 (both same age btw) stable job good income, more money than i currently need.


we have got to this spot now, but im really worried as to what her mom will say, i mean my family always being happiness over anythink.


im just looking for any advice on this sitch not sure what im asking btw, but first interracial and also first girl with feelings this strong aswell, all that crazy stuff feeling safe, and happy, and well just at peace when im with her nothing else matters.


we speak for hours on the phone, always more than 3 hours and recently 7 hours was late to work aswell, its never been like this always something to talk about, and such a different background both of us, always interesting and the feelings, and when were out the pda is enough to probably make people sick lol.

the weekend we became official in Starbucks and well they will now be banning pda it was that bad, it was 5 am in the morning though, so yea.


basically should i worry that much?, should i be that concerned? and any advice from interacial couples when meeting parents, when parents assumed you would date within your own race, anything would be greatly appreciated.


thanks for any help and reading my badly grammered post.

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You've been dating a week, it's way too soon to start introducing families,etc. Let her tell her mom she's dating a guy outside their race and see what happens. It's her and her family's problem not yours.

im white, shes black. last week we had the conversation and now were offical boyfriend/girlfriend. she told me that her mom, assumes she going to go out with someone in her own race

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Agree with wiseman its too soon to be thinking about these things. I am in an interracial relationship and have been for 6 months now. I have only told my mother who did not approve one bit. Have not told my dad yet, since I don't think he will react well, and am waiting to make sure that this relationship is going to continue progressing (i.e. moving in, marriage etc...)

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You guys are adults. Who cares what her mom thinks or says? She isn't the one dating you.


Your girlfriend will have to learn to stand up for her relationship with you- and not just to her mom. You will learn as well. Racism is everywhere and not everyone is going to accept your relationship. "Safe spaces" is pure Bull S. It comes with the territory.


I'm in an interracial marriage. Feel free to ask me any questions.

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