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I always get led on... is it really me? Or?


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So I haven't dated anyone serious four a couple of years now. I was in a relationship last year for about a month but I was afraid of taking it further bc of long distance so then I broke it off.

Anyways since then on or more like always, every time I start talking to a guy we always hit it off, it's going great, we text each other, hang out a few times, have good conversations. Then after a while their text messages become short or none at all. I, who's very forward, will always ask what's up. They always tell me that they would rather "just be friends, sorry" ... like what?

I've always felt that there's always something wrong with me, because this has happened numerous times, more than I can count on my two hands. I just don't get it.

& why can't guys just be honest and upfront? Why do I have to pull teeth to get an answer from them?

Honestly I think I become more hurt by their words because they weren't the ones to tell me first, I had to go and pry the information from them.


I am currently talking to a guy, and he's been kind of distant. I'm afraid it's happening all over again.


What do I do? Can I even do anything?

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