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How can I appeal to somebody who is interested in different things?


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There's this girl that I want to start talking to through Fac ebook (seen her around my college a few times, found her through mutual friends), but, she's this amazing singer and stage performer who is a frequent party-goer (extroverted). Meanwhile, I'm a typical nerd that enjoys programming, building my own PC's and playing a few video games when I can, and I'd typically prefer to just sit-in and watch Netflix than go to parties as I'm SUUUPER shy and have anxiety issues (introverted). Despite that though the main reason I don't do those things is due to a lack of confidence, and I feel like if I had a girlfriend, I'd feel a little different. Also, on the rare occasion that we see each other in college, we always exchange a few glances, so she at least finds me "look-at-able" xD although, I could just be over-analysing that xD


So, how do I try and make a connection with this girl who's so very different to me? Like what things should I say to her to get her interested in me, whilst letting her know that I'm interested in her etc. Or, are there any good ice-breakers to get our conversation(s) rolling?

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If you two are so different, I wonder how compatible you'll be in a relationship. I'm not saying that you can't go for somebody who is different, but it does make things very difficult in a relationship, and relationships are already hard enough.


Second, you need to work on your confidence yourself. Getting a girlfriend won't fix that for you.

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If you have class together start by talking to her about that. Any hw assignments etc. you can start my asking hat stuff on facebook, then gradually begin to converse with her in person. Then maybe ask her if she wants to work on an assignment together, and go from there.

If no classes together then just say hi. The worst she could do is not respond and that's your cue to move on.

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I think you should try get over your crush and work on gaining confidence. A gf should not be your crutch. Get out and start doing things with male friends.


She might look at you wondering why he is looking at me?

Stop creeping on her and when you have some confidence look for someone more like you.

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I agree with working on confidence first. Confidence can be attractive. Try going to new places alone, I think a lot of people are afraid of going to places by themselves and I think it can present you with some good challenges to overcome that can help with confidence and anxiety.


Are your mutual friends close with her? I just don't know about cold approaching through Facebook, in-person is always preferable, but that's me and I probably don't know trends now


I'm in the boat of don't assume you guys are so different already, what do you have in common? Just be sure you aren't approaching her expecting she will change your life in regards to confidence, anxiety, shyness, etc. Relationships should be supplemental to your life, not a crutch, like someone else said.

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