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Agree. He may have had women "swear" before they are on bc only for them to text down the road that they are "late". He may be gun-shy. Is he wearing a condom And pulling out?

"No birth control issues" meaning what? That you're on the pill? Unless one or the other is medically diagnosed as definitively infertile, nobody should be blowing loads into someone without a condom unless they're ready for mini-mes.
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Perhaps he enjoys ejaculating on you instead of in you. Some guys like the visual effect which is why porn makes such a deal of the "Money Shot"


That is the only other reason I can think of , or he is telling porkies about his fertility .


You don't have to answer this op lol but if he is pointing it somewhere else for the money shot then I suspect that is what turns him on .

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I don't think he would lie about his fertility. He has said from the start he doesn't want kids and he knows I'm not on bc. That's why we started out w condoms as that is my normal route especially early before tests are discussed.


Can someone please elaborate on the "money shot"? I don't watch porn...lol

I also thought maybe it was an accident that that happened. Like not intentional. I guess time will tell

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I would wonder how he knows he is infertile. Did he have a vasectomy?


Do you want children? A guy can have a low sperm count and may think they can't make a baby but all it takes is one swimmer to get through. I would ask how exactly he knows he is sterile.


Since you are not a birth control this is a very important question...



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