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Do I need to tell online date I'm done?


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I have been talking to a guy online for two months. I am fairly positive we are never going to meet. We live 2 hours apart and he has traveled to my city 3 times and only once tried to meet, but I had a prior engagement. He tells me when he will be here and then will tell what it's for work or whatever and he won't have time. Every other weekend he travels just to travel and it's never somewhere near me.

Now I wouldn't mind going down there, but I would feel much more comfortable meeting a complete stranger in my town since I know nothing of his, and feel it would be awkward to take someone with me. Also I look at it as he can go everywhere else, but near me. At this point it's just frustrating as the longer it goes I feel the less and less chance we would ever have as the person we think the other person is, probably is nothing they are in real life. Plus I find it odd that he doesn't mind me texting him, but he NEVER replies to my texts, only send me a lengthy email reply. Now he is very active in asking me questions, and replies mostly in a timely manner and such, but never seems like he is in a hurry to meet. I feel that just blocking him at this stage is kind of cold, but I also feel weird telling him, I'm just not feeling it.

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You literally answered this question for yourself, within the paragraph you wrote.


He clearly has no interest in pursuing you. There doesn't seem to be any chemistry, or feelings involved. He expresses no desire to come see you other than maybe small interest when it was on his time.....I'm having a hard time deciphering what your relationship with him even is besides friendly chat. Unless you are getting something out of this pen pal relationship, go ahead and delete him if you want. Not as though you two are in any arrangement together. You are not obligated to hold conversation with him. If you feel inclined you can explain this to him but I would just not even bother and continue talking to other men

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I think you should tell him: it's been nice emailing with you, but it doesn't look like you're interested in meeting and I'm not looking for pen pals. Good luck in your search. Keep it short, then you don't have to feel guilty and you can move on.

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Unfortunately he sounds like a catfish or married or run of the mill time waster, etc., because he's making too many excuses. Agree, just send him a text saying you are moving on and then delete and block him.

I am fairly positive we are never going to meet. We live 2 hours apart.Plus I find it odd that he doesn't mind me texting him, but he NEVER replies to my texts, only send me a lengthy email reply.
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Tip: set some expectations/limitation when you communicate with men online.


-limit the amount of time invested. If he hasn't asked you out after the first few messages or say after week of communication, next him. Don't waste anymore of your time. If you hang on for longer, they will realize they can keep you hanging on as an option, making you look desperate, in which case they will continue to take advantage.

-If they cancel and don't reschedule with a firm date and time, next them. They are not that into you, are not considerate, you are not a priority. This is a measure of their level of interest. Fail.

-If they keep canceling, or keep saying they are so busy, etc, they are not into you. Again this is a measure of their interest in you....move on.

-If they drop communication for days, dump them. Again, this shows that you are not a priority and possibly dating others, weighing their options.

-Have interest in those, who show an interest in you the way you want to be. If you stick with your expectations, you will weed out the crap. You are missing opportunity, not with them, but with the possibility of someone who is more worthy.

-never accept wishy washy guys that you have to fight for. To hell with that, have some self worth, ditch them.

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