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Lost my motivation


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Hello world,


I am a programmer in a big company and 27yo.

People told me that they want the same life as me and that I am so lucky to have such a great job.

I don't see it that way. Although I have all these luxery goods in my life, I don't feel good at all. It's the opposite.. I feel deperssed. I can't pinpoint where it comes from. My boyfriend left me recently and the feeling got only worse. I feel so empty and can't seem to find a way out of it. I am just in my room all the time and just listen to music. I didn't go to work the past week, which makes me feel even worse.

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Why in the world would you assume that having luxury goods that you buy with your salary would make you feel fulfilled or happy? Maybe for some, not for you -understandable. No need to pinpoint or overanalyze - get out there and take a brisk walk (with the music you like if you want), when you're tired from walking take a hot bath or shower and just be -let the thoughts flow, let things come to you as far as what kind of career/lifestyle would make you happy -it's a good starting point and certainly healthful!

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Why didn't you go to work?


Well you could be sad and even falling into depression. Losing a partner is hard on everyone, that's human to be sad about that! And are you happy in the work you are doing? Yes, money is nice and can make life a whole lot easier... But it's not a cure all.


You allowed to feel sad even though you have a good job. Now to help you work through that.. do you have people you can talk to who will listen non judgementally? Do you have other fulfilling things in your life? Where is the sadness coming from?


Big hugs. This is temporary.. You can get through this.

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Go to work and try to focus on your tasks. I know it is hard when you are depressed, but at least it's 40 hours a week to try to get your mind off the breakup and onto something more productive. Like batya said - go for a walk, go do something fun, buy a new music album, go to a new dance class, call up a friend you haven't seen for a while and go for coffee. The pain will fade with time.

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Aw I'm sorry. This has happened to me a few times. Unfullfilling jobs can leave you feeling really hollow emotionally. It's important to exercise and spend a lot of time outside. The problem is that as the depression slowly takes hold, you tend to do the exact opposite. Stay active, and keep trying new things, meeting new people, etc so that you can create some meaning in your life outside of that job. Also think about what would make you feel more happy about your life. A new job? A new career? Maybe a move to a new city?

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