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Chasing ex to get back together


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Only if I wanted him back. I think it would depend on the circumstances of the breakup. Like if you still love them, but have to end things because they are being disrespectful or doing something that you must end the relationship at that point to show you will not tolerate said behavior. In that case if he came back after awhile showing he had changed and trying to earn my affection, I would probably consider. Only because you still have feelings for the person and want to be with him, however they were acting in a way that was disabling a healthy relationship.


I guess that situation is pretty specific lol. Every one has their own dynamics, not sure what your story is but you can always shoot your shot. Just don't get your hopes up or think anybodies answer on here will dictate the ladies you have in mind. Good luck

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Honestly, it really depends how the break-up ended and how you two got along when you were both together. Right now, I am currently on the path on reconciliation with my ex-fiance and getting back together; however, the break-up from both sides didn't result in cheating, betrayal, or abuse; it was the stresses of everyday life that got to us; but we are now finally taking a totally new different approach and seeing how things go. Also to mention, we got along great with each other and still do.


Like I've mentioned, it really depends on the circumstances. There are some cases that people do get back together and actually stick together; but typically the issues are fixable. I can't say that it happens to every couple though.

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Hmmm..it depends on why we broke up. If he cheated or if we fought brutally, then no. I would find it very bothersome, even worrying if he kept on.

If we had a fight and it wasn't a huge deal breaker and I still loved him, then possibly. I once had a parting with a man and we didn't speak for over 7 months, I even dated others. He did not stalk or chase mind you, he simply sent an email letting me know he had missed me. I felt it was worth it to talk to him again, and it went well.

But I don't know your story or why you split, or how bad it was. But I would say, for now anyhow, if it's new, let it go. Possibly try this strategy down the road, but don't push it any further than that.

Oh right, just re-read your post. Being as it's been 7 months...IF you haven't contacted her already, then you could send a simple quick mail. But if you've already tried and did not get a good response, then I would say it's done.

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