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I need someone to talk to that understand grief from a death.

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  • 2 months later...

I just lost my girlfriend three days ago suddenly. I am right in the middle of the start of grieving, and I am already feeling lower than I have ever felt in my life.


The moments of shock and disbelief are actually the easiest. It's in those times that I can "ignore" what happened, I can just go about my day like she's not gone. But there are many other times, much more often, where I miss her, think of her, cry over the lost life we had planned, and want nothing more than to turn back time and do something, ANYTHING to save her from death.


Some of it is simply because it is so new for me. I mean, we were supposed to go out to eat YESTERDAY. She was away on a trip and when she came back we were going to meet up and hang out. She fell into a coma completely suddenly from a spontaneous brain hemorrhage and never woke up.


If you need to talk I'm happy to listen. The only thing we have in times like this is each other.

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