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The ex gf asked a weird question


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So me and my baby momma been talking here and there nothing special just how work is and how each other's day is how school I going Iike that. Now we been broke up since February btw. So today she asks if I have slept with anyone. I know it's none of her business but I don't really care. She says never mind I don't wanna know and apologizes. I told her no which is the truth. Never got an answer back just started talking a about how work is going. Now my question is why do you think she could be asking that..having second thought? Just being nosey? Any ideas?

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I would say,she is just being nosey or curious .Perhaps she just wants reassurance that she can't be replaced for her own ego. If she didn't want you moving on with your life with seeing and dating other women, then she shouldn't have left you--even though you two are talking, you're still a single guy.


I'd suggest you limit your conversations to things concerning your daughter only and keep visitation with your child limited to texts/emails.Don't let her use you for emotional support while she's busily chasing other men

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I would've said "nunya", but that's me.


She probably wants to think she is irreplaceable. My ex thinks the same thing. He believes that every single female he ever dated should pine over him forever. And if they don't he feels horribly betrayed, even though he cheated on ALL of us and dumped most of us for someone else.


It's good that you two can be mature and civil for the sake of the child, but anything beyond that is none of her business.

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it gives her an ego boost to not be easily replaced. at the same time, it retrospectively tests the depth of your feelings for her back when you were her partner. she may be checking the waters to see if you're holding on to hopes of reconciliation.


in any case, it's a trick question. i wouldn't answer stuff like that.

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