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help please

dead girl

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Also find, learn different ways to deal with your pain... why do you do it?


Go out with friends, talk to an adult that you know can help you, tell this adult you desperately need help to go to a psychiatrist. Make sure your boyfriend or someone grown makes you go to the psychiaterist.


Make sure a responsible adult knows about this and gives you mental and financial support! MAKE SURE YOU TELL AN ADULT YOU CAN TRUST AND KNOW THAT HE/SHE WILL HELP YOU.


The psychiatrist will help you with group therapy, behavioral therapy and medications

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Call your bff or any other trusted friend or adult and talk about what's bothering you. Then ask your parents to get you help.

i'm 16 years old ,, i started cutting 6 years ago ,, i can't remember the reason ... i stopped because i had promised my bff but i want to cut so bad please help me .. how to stop
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