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How can I get date with western women.


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Hello I'm George. I'm from Thailand.

I wanna know reason why western women don't like Thais even if most of Thai girls can get date with western men. Please give me the reason why and how can I get date with western girl.

P.S. I'm not good at English sorry for that



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Thai men are very sexy. Godfrey Gao is a stud.


I'm an American married to a man from Southeast Asia (Philippines, home of the great Pacquiao!). He could speak my language and held similar values of my culture. I come from a conservative background which helped!


Most western women hold liberal views- especially the younger generation. It all depends on how conservative your culture is compared to theirs. Many westerners tend to be with someone with similar cultural values, but not everyone!


Definitely work on your language skills. Be open to try new cultural events! Don't be discouraged if you get rejected- there will always be someone out there for you!

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If you can't communicate well in English, you will have fewer chances on meeting a woman who is English speaking because she cannot communicate well with you. That is your biggest hurdle. Women also may not want to date you if they think you are only in town for a little while and are moving back home.

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Well I live in the west and we have western women here. We call them Cowgirls though. They wear Wranglers and boots and ride horses.


Wait you mean women from the western hemisphere? Oh, that is different.


Definitely improve your English, assimilate into the area and learn good conversation skills. You can still be who you are but you will need to learn what women are looking for and what they like and don't like.


Good luck


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