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Not so good pickings


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Well as you all know,I'm moving. What you don't know it's my hometown. It's very small and everyone knows everyone. Unfortunately, all high school girls there are drama, s**ts, back stabbers, and /or fakes. Honestly, being 18 and having no friends to go out with sucks. And I always find the wrong people. How do I decide who to be friends with. How do I drop my best friend who is so rude and disrespectful to me and my family with out the support of other friends? Where would I LOOK to start with? It's like I can't get a break! I'm very outspoken and will say the truth and VERY loyal, but also a bit insucure. Sometimes in a follower, majority of the time I'm a leader. But no one likes me because I'm really weird. Please help.

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family member is in a similar situation, so on how to choose who not to be a friend then i would say if its one way then its not worth it, whether that is the friend unloading on you, or calling when they need something but not much else then its not worth it. curious as to your reason for quoting your outspokenness in the sense that a person who may be a good friend may also have some things going on in their life that you dont necessarily agree with, so the question becomes what is off limits...an addict is probably not the healthiest friend to have, but someone who makes bad relationship decisions, or decisions you dont think are good for them but are not hurting you...this can be detrimental if all that person does is complain and you just get tired of hearing the same broken record. hopefully you can find commonality in your work, school, or some meetup-like social networking event. I would also say that my best friend is sort of a know it all, monday morning quarterback. things have been strained as his life is kind of int he crapper so patience wears thin when he starts dolling out advice but all is well when not on the recieveing end of the "shouldve done this or that barrage"

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Hey, I don't know why you're moving, but maybe use this time to discover you. Work on what you find are things you want to change about yourself. You said you are a bit insecure... that comes out in you saying people think you are really weird. Try to view weird as unique. I know I'd rather be weird than normal because of that. Maybe because I am older. Do you think you're weird? Are there things you'd like to change about yourself, or no?


And this hometown, it's not like you have to stay there forever, right? You don't always need someone and I've found that I've grown when I just started looking out for myself. Quality over quantity. People are attracted to people who have their stuff together.

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You meet people where you are. For example, if you hang out in creepy bars, you meet creepy people, if you are into drugs/drinking then you'll find those types, if you hang out at a library taking college courses, you'll meet ambitious people and so on.


To find good people/good friends you have to be one. That means employing tact and empathy rather than blurting out opinions on everything or chronically being negative or trying to draw excess attention to yourself.


Focus on improving yourself through education and work then you'll meet a better class of people. Then focus on not being like these "drama, s**ts, back stabbers, and /or fakes"

all high school girls there are drama, s**ts, back stabbers, and /or fakes. being 18 and having no friends to go out with sucks. And I always find the wrong people.
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