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Advice about contacts in relationship or dating?


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When dating or in relation should I be in all contact of my boyfriends profile, susch as Facebook, Skype, emails..., or through one social media contact is enough? Can anyone have advice is it right to have through only one source contact?

This means that one contact by telephone or through social media is enough. If He is not in my FB, Twiteer.. that does not mean that I or he are beeing ignored. Is that right? I wonder whether he should be added in all my profiles on social media FB, Twiteer, Linkedin, or one source of communication is quite enough suc as via Skype or phone?

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Do whatever works for you. I mean, most younger people today use social media to talk to their friends,and your ex is one of your friends I guess. But again I dont believe in actively having 5 social media profiles,or rather I myself find it too much time consuming. So I guess having one form of contact with them will be sufficient enough.

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