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Stays out all night


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Really need to vent. I have no family and only 1friend who lives in my old home town which i was forced to move from. I now live in area where my boyfriend grew up and i know literally no one. My bf is out tonight, phone turned off knowing i start work ar 8am tomorrow and wont be able to sleep.i know he wont be back by the time i leave for work and when i come home from work, he will be at his job. He does this EVERYTIME he goes out, no explanation, just full of sorrys the next day and if I give him a hard time about it, he turns it around on me. I knew this would happen the minute he said he was going out, im dreading what lies ahead now, ive not been in the best head space emotionally and he knows this, im already dreading tomorrow when and IF i do see him. I went out last night for the first time in ages with my 1friend who he knows well, and i was home for midnight since we were both working this morning. He txt me throughout the night, as usual, i replied. But when hes out - his phone is off. Im 30, hes 32. Surely it shouldnt be like this.

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Why bother saying anything? He has zero consequences for his actions except your nagging him about his unacceptable ways. I guess he'd rather just get crap from you and then continue on doing the same thing later then to stop and likely get crap for something else eventually.


I think you're with the wrong guy. He's not changing for you and personally, I'd not hang onto a guy that stays out all night and goes incognito when he does it. That's someone who is up to no good... at least in my opinion, anyway. There are men out there that wouldn't dream of being that disrespectful to the woman they love. Respect yourself enough to find one and get rid of ole sketchy guy.

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Save up money secretly and as soon as you have enough move back to your hometown one night when he is out all night.


He doesn't love you, he doesn't respect you and he certainly does not think you are strong enough to leave him.


Time to get out of this terrible situation as soon as possible.



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