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I had a one night stand with my bf's friend before I met my boyfriend

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I think its wrong to assume that he is doing this in any deliberate attempt to exercise control over the OP. It's possible that he does not realize that what he's doing is wrong. He hasn't rationalized his emotions, and now he's drowning in them.


OP I had a very similar experience to this a while back whereby my boyfriend blamed me for something that I entirely felt was nothing to do with him. He meanwhile felt it had tained the beginning of our relationship. I simply told him that I was sorry he felt that way and if he couldn't cope with what had happened then we weren't compatible at this point. I was upset but kept my head held high. In a matter of days he realized what he was doing and was so remorseful. He fully realized that his ego had taken a hit and couldn't apologize enough. Good people make mistakes you know. Having said that he was v inexperienced and maybe that had something to do with it.

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I honestly dont think I would be able to find someone better... like he makes me so so happy - hes funny, makes time for me, my family absolutely adore him, hes caring and encourages me to do what I want and put myself first. I feel like no relationship is perfect and we'd be swapping ours for another that would also not be perfect, but would also be less happy. He's a lot like me in a way so I have so much empathy and love for him.. I really want to try to work through it before contemplating breaking up. I feel like we havent really tried anything to get over it as I havent known how to approach it before...


Thanks a lot for taking time out to give me advice


Oh you can find someone better. A lot better. Of course no relationship is perfect - but you should not have a partner who makes you feel like sh**. For something that happened BEFORE you dated each other.

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1 hour ago, Faithlawren5 said:

I see this is from years ago- was he ever able to move on? Are you still together ?

This poster is unlikely to be checking for responses 4 years later. 

Would you like to start your own thread?

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