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Need help moving on...


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So I'm having an extremely hard time with this breakup. We broke up "officially" last week although I knew it was a long time coming. I know he is no good for me and I deserve much better, but I find myself wanting to run back to him and put up with all the BS... I'm not sure why I would want to put up with mediocrity at best. I also know he is already talking to other girls because he is "bored" which I think is making me feel even worse. Does anyone have any suggestions/advice on what I can do to keep myself from going back to this toxic relationship?

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remind yourself it's toxic everytime it crosses your mind and distract yourself with something positive/non-toxic. stay positive, go for a run. I actually read this years ago on this forum, but when a break up happens, you're supposed to "run" emotionally away from the source of the break up and what I found works is if you run physically, you will feel better.


if the mind tells the body to do something, the opposite is also true. use your body to tell your mind to stop or think about something else. the act of running is symbolic because you are literally running and the endorphins will kick in and you just focus on putting one foot in front of the other and breathing. it will work wonders, believe me

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