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Being set up by friend's GF with shy cousin


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I'm looking for some thoughts on this. My mate text me last year about his GFs cousin who is apparently quite lonely and looking for a guy. I don't know where he got this info from but likely his GF. I'm a bit suspect because she is quite good looking and don't understand how a guy hasn't picked her up yet. Anyway after getting to find out a bit about her I realised she is quite shy and reserved, and is quite attached to her mum so she spends a lot of time with her.


So long story short I ended up going out with another other chick for a while and kind of forgot about it. Then after that came to and end she came back on the scene, i.e. I was being suddenly invited out for nights out and she was always there, just us and my mate and his GF. So I'm quite sure they are trying to set us up. Anyway after going out a few times I was thinking is she really shy or not interested. I decided to kind of hang back in the bar and watch her actions from a distance, how she interacted with her cousin, or my mate etc. She seemed to always be gravitating towards her cousin, she wouldn't say much to anyone else.


I spoke to her a few times and she really wasn't that talkative, and I don't mean one word answers or ignoring me, she just seemed a bit closed off, although 2nd night out I think she did get a bit more talkative, she did blurt out a few times she loved this or that, showing a bit of passion on something. She doesn't try to make conversation or partake in it, and she always break eye contact first. She has never asked me anything about myself at all or spoke first.


I mean she is obviously not outgoing, neither am I but I can chat away quite the thing with most people. I do think she is quite nice looking and I think she might open up however I don't know if I am wasting my time. Would be nice to hear if anyone else has been in a similar situation and what was the outcome or even just thoughts on the situation.





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Just ask her out one on one. It's the only way you're going to find out if she's worth getting to know. If shes shy then she's going display most (or all) of the personality traits you've described. Lack of eye contact and being quiet are hallmarks of shyness. Many (most?) shy people open up and become quite animated once they get to know you. IF all she is, is shy.

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