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Healing , growing , knowing who you are


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Hello every my name is J. I decided that I wanted to share a couple of tips of healing ,growing and knowing who you are . The reason I feel as though I could share this with you guys is because I had to go through these objectives alone .i had to teach my self how to grow ,how to walk again and how to love myself for good. I was in a very sickening relationship where I didn't know rather I was coming or going at the beginning it was beautiful here's a man who has ben very consistent for years finally gets me and treats me like the bottom of his shoe we stayed together for 2 and a half years during that time he dated my sister and my friend I was heart broken I was lost and I didn't know how life was going to end up . Im loving him regardless still Tryna make it work he's cursing me ,fighting me not often but placing your hands anytime is ENUFF for me ️he controlled my mind there wud b times I begged him to do right n he wouldn't .one day He decided he didnt want me because to me he wanted my friend oh lord not looking at the blessing because I felt every bit of pain I hated them for a very long time

But I found out forgiveness is godly like so I prayed on it

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